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Education And Training

Post  admin on Tue 20 Jul 2010, 8:36 am

Multimedia presentations are used to allow the learner to participate in a total learning environment, utilising all media. Multimedia can be used in educational programs at home, in schools, universities, libraries and museums, for computer based training, remote distance learning and for performance support.
Multimedia systems and presentations provide a cost effective mechanism to train staff, allowing them to learn work practices and procedures at their own pace. Tutorials often contain multimedia elements such as screen shots, picture, sound, and video all combined in order to train people in many types of tasks.

An example of this is shown down right, as a smartboard.
The benefits of multimedia education are:-

* Consistency and adaptability
* Self paced and self directed learning
* Increases retention rates
* Customisation of student programs
* One on one tuition
* Cost saving
* Can be taught by an expert in that field – e.g a specialist doctor in USA creating a CDROM for university medical students in Sydney
* Interactivity - more engaging.


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