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Leisure And Entertainment

Post  admin on Tue 20 Jul 2010, 8:38 am

Multimedia systems have continued to grow and have greatly impacted on the development of the leisure industry. Multimedia games not only have a high level of interactivity between the game and player, but also the integration of multimedia elements such as video clips, animations, integrated sound and 3D graphics have allowed games to replicate the environment of the game allowing greater realism and excitement. Due to these advances in multimedia games, a much more powerful computer is required. Some examples of greater requirements would be increases in the processing power of CPUs, improved resolution of displays or increased bandwidth and speed to allow faster and higher quality transmission.

An example of using multimedia for leisure and entertainment is shown down right.

Traditional usage of joysticks, keyboards or mouses have evolved as technology advances into devices such as a steering wheel or accelerometer. Not only this, but with the integration of multimedia into computer games, there has been a higher demand on memory storage and thus, there is a heavy use and dependence of CDROMs and DVDs to distribute these


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