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A simulation is a realistic representation of a real thing, process or action. Simulations can be both real, virtual or a mixture of the two. They are generally classified into three groups:

* Live simulations (which involve a real person using real equipment to perform a simulated action)
* Virtual simulations (which involve a real person using virtual equipment to perform a simulated action)
* Constructive simulations (which involve a virtual person using virtual equipment to perform a simulated action)

Simulation is the process of imitating a real phenomenon with a set of mathematical formulas; The more complex the phenomenon, the more complicated and numerous the formulas need to be. This means that with natural processes, perfect simulations are impossible because of the infinite number of influences upon them. However, approximations of these natural processes can be made using modern technology by determining which influences are the most significant. Some advanced simulations could include: weather conditions, chemical reactions, atomic reactions, even biological processes. In theory, any phenomena that can be reduced to mathematical data and equations can be simulated on a computer.

A very common use for simulations is the training of pilots in a flight simulation. This allows prospective pilots a safe way to learn how to fly an advanced commercial plane. This is actually very expensive, with flight simulators for modern commercial passenger jets costing millions of dollars.


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