Combined Areas Such As Educational Games

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Combined Areas Such As Educational Games

Post  admin on Fri 23 Jul 2010, 2:22 am

The major areas of multimedia can also be combined, to achieve benefits associated with the different uses of multimedia. A very good example is the combination of education and leisure, that is, in educational games. These games are similar to other multimedia games, except in that while playing them, a user can learn new things, and enhance their education.

By combining the ways multimedia is used, the result will be that the system may be able to cater for a wider variety of people, and the system will be able to provide a better user experience.

Another good example of combined use of multimedia is within a flight simulator. It combines the education and training, with virtual reality, in order to provide a superior training experience for a potential pilot. Using the system he is able to gain more experience than by using another training system. In this case, the advantages of virtual reality have been used to enhance the user’s training experience.
Similarly, games can be combined with virtual reality to deliver a better gaming experience. With the use of a single virtual reality headset, a gamer can find themselves immersed within the virtual world, and be able to better enjoy the gaming world they are a part of.


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