CD, DVD And Video Tape Players

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CD, DVD And Video Tape Players

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A CD player (compact disc player) is a device that plays audio CDs. They are often installed into car audio systems and personal computers. Many modern CD players also support DVDs and MP3 CDs. A CD player uses a drive motor spin the disc. This drive motor is precisely controlled to rotate between 200 and 500 rpm depending on which track is being read. The pits and lands in the inserted CD are read with a laser and a lens system focus in on and read the bumps. A tracking mechanism moves the laser assembly so that the laser's beam can follow the spiral track. The tracking system has to be able to move the laser at micron resolutions. The tracking system, as it plays the CD, has to continually move the laser outward and slow the rotations down.

DVDs players are very similar to CD players. However they must be more complex because DVDs have smaller bumps on the track of the disc and they can be double-sided or double-layered. The disc-reading mechanism in DVD players is very precise.

A video tape player can play images and sound stored on magnetic tapes. The video cassette recorder (VCR), where the videotape is enclosed in a user-friendly videocassette shell, is the most familiar type of VTR known to consumers. Professionals may use other types of video tapes and recorders.


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