Authoring Software, Animation Software, Web Browsers And HTML editors

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Authoring Software, Animation Software, Web Browsers And HTML editors

Post  admin on Fri 23 Jul 2010, 3:23 am

Authoring Software is software that allows authors to:

* create a multimedia production which incorporates different types of media
* create a multimedia production which includes several pages or screens
* import and incorporate media elements such as: background graphics, images, animations, video data and sound
* play back the presentation on a computer which does not have the actual creating software installed
* work with a scripting language, which allows events such as mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts
* manipulate multiple tracks

Examples of software that is capable of creating multimedia include:

* Applications software packages (e.g. word processors and spreadsheets) that will allow the addition of multimedia to most documents.
* Presentation and authoring software packages (e.g. Powerpoint and Acrobat) that will allow the creation of professional looking multimedia with just a few mouse clicks.
* Scripting software packages (e.g. HTML editors and web editors) are used to develop quite sophisticated multimedia applications.
* Programming languages (C++ and Java) are commonly used to create high quality professional multimedia applications.


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