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Video Processing Software

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Video processing software allows users to edit video data either from analogue or digital resources, with analogue to digital conversion required for analogue resources.
The software allows the user to edit videos by clipping the length of a video, assemble a movie or presentation using a timeline, integrate audio tracks into movies and enable the use of video effects such as transitions, title images and various video effects.
Video processing software also allows the user to export the video in a wide range of formats such as MP4 and AVI with a wide range of settings available for the encoding, such as the use of different CODECs.
Video processing software also allows users to adjust the resolution, bit depth and frame rate, as PAL and NTSC formats use different frame rates. Other options also include the ability to encode to specific media, such as hard disk drives and DVDs.
Video processing software requires large amounts of hardware to enable editing of videos, such as large caches in CPUs, hard disk drive space, large amounts of RAM and a monitor able to support the resolution and bit depth of the video being edited.
Examples of video processing software include Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas and Windows Movie Maker


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