The Integration of Text and/or Number, Audio, Image and/or Video

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The Integration of Text and/or Number, Audio, Image and/or Video

Post  admin on Fri 23 Jul 2010, 3:33 am

Integration allows users to bring different forms of media, such as text, number, audio, image and video, together.
The integration of the multiple file formats can be done with software applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint?, Microsoft Word, or specialized authoring packages such as Articulate’s Quizmaker, Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Flash.

Specific tasks performed to combine and link multimedia content include the following three tasks:

1. The first process in integrating multiple data types is importing existing content into the application, creating a library or directory within the application. This is important as it combines text, number, image, animation, audio and video data. Through this the user can create interactivity.
2. Next, one must create screens, adding content and formatting it, as well as creating hyperlinks. Textual content is often created within the software rather than imported, and the precise location, size and behavior of each media element can be modified. Examples of this with sound is if it is played immediately, and if the viewer can modify volume. It also includes modifying and creating hyperlinks which link to other information such as opening a video.


1. Finally, the final files are created for distribution and display. Some software merges the multiple files into one large file such as word, or software such as Adobe Indesign or HTML webpages require the other files supplied with it. The aim of presenting as one file is to reduce storage size and simplify distribution.


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