Hypermedia – The Linking Of Different Media To One Another

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Hypermedia – The Linking Of Different Media To One Another

Post  admin on Fri 23 Jul 2010, 3:38 am

Hypermedia is any display object that when selected leads one to new information, allowing multiple documents as well as multiple formats to be linked. This includes hypertext, hyperlinked images, opening a video, clicking on a sound “Play button” or starting a slideshow. Hypermedia is integral to multimedia systems as it makes them interactive, one of the main advantages/reasons for multimedia. With hypermedia, one doesn’t have to access information in a linear, or sequential manner, but rather go straight to the information, and learn at one’s own pace. The most well known application of hypermedia and hypertext is a website.

Note: For all processing questions, one may use ADC and DAC, that is analogue to digital conversion. In this case it applies when recording information such as analogue sound waves to digital sound bars.


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