Audio, Video And Images In Analog Format

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Audio, Video And Images In Analog Format

Post  admin on Tue 27 Jul 2010, 8:24 am

Scanners are input devices that capture text or images, like photographs or documents. The scanner converts the image into digital data that can be processed by the computer. Scanners can be set to collect the data at different resolutions, which determines the quality of the information displayed.

Scanners use the software standard TWAIN (Technology Without An Interesting Name), which allows the digital image to be used for different applications. The three types of scanners are:

* Hand-held scanners – which enter text and images less than a page wide. These scanners are adequate for small photos. Software can be used to join the scanned images to make a full page
* Flatbed scanners – scan the document, which remains flat and stationary during the scanning
* Overhead scanners – uses a tower to move across a document placed face up on a scanning bed


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