The Acknowledgment Of Source Data And The Ease With Which Digital Data Can Be Modified

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The Acknowledgment Of Source Data And The Ease With Which Digital Data Can Be Modified

Post  admin on Tue 27 Jul 2010, 8:31 am

Copyright is the right to use, copy or control the work of authors and artist. It is against the law to infringe copyright. If a multimedia project is a commercial production, it may be sensible to employ graphics artists, musicians and video staff to create the multimedia data, or to pay royalties to the author.

The copyright issue is highlighted with music files. It is legal to rip your own music and also to download music from websites where the artist owns the rights, but it is illegal to distribute music other than that. However, it is not pursued as much as it should be. The issue of copyright is a moral issue, as it takes the rights and acknowledgement of much media and work from their original maker.

Copyright laws are used to protect the legal rights of authors of original works. The Copyright Act 1968 together with its various ammendments, details the laws governing copyright in Australia. Copyright laws are designed to encourage the creation of original works by limiting their copying and distribution rights to the copyright owner.

All works are automatically covered by copyright law. The copyright symbol (below), together with the author's name should be used whenever the data is published to assist others in identifying the author of the material.


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