Different Modes Of Display

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Different Modes Of Display

Post  admin on Tue 20 Jul 2010, 7:40 am

In multimedia systems, printed information is displayed using a printer or plotter. Multimedia products are displayed using a screen and speakers. Print is static and must be printed on static material (such as paper). Print can only display text, number and image data. This is as opposed to multimedia, where information can be stored and backed up on digital storage devices, and all the forms of information can be displayed. Multiple users can simultaneously access a single copy of a multimedia file, as opposed to a printed version of the same file, where only one user can access the file at a time. Multimedia also increases user interactivity through the use of hypertext and hypermedia and is able to inform and entertain through animated images, video and sound.
However, for multimedia display, hardware and software technology is needed in order for the display to operate, making it more costly.


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