The Integrity Of The Original Source Data In Educational And Other Multimedia System

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The Integrity Of The Original Source Data In Educational And Other Multimedia System

Post  admin on Tue 27 Jul 2010, 8:35 am

The data integrity describes the reliability and wholeness (completion) of the data. It involves the accuracy, currency and relevance of data.
Sources need to be cross referenced to ensure the information is accurate because some sites on the internet do not always provide accurate data.
In regard to multimedia systems, it is common for content to be found from a variety of sources, making the job of verifying the data more difficult. For example, due to the ease of editing with widely distributed software, the use of image or video data on the internet could lead to the integrity of the image or video data being lost. Original copies of documents may be lost due to the mass ease of editing on the Internet.
One way of countering this is the use of watermarking or 'signaturing'; marking the document, image or video to show the original author or owner of the data. When developing multimedia systems, particularly educational systems, it is important to include references detailing the sources of data. Users should be able to easily determine the source so they can verify its integrity.

In educational contexts, the accuracy of the data is paramount. This is because the information being imparted is the most important part to the information system. An education project should provide a bibliography of some kind to allow users to check the accuracy of the sources.


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