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Virtual worlds

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A current and emerging trend in multimedia is virtual worlds. Virtual worlds are computer simulated worlds which present different perspectives to the user. However, with every new technology, it comes with various advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of virtual worlds include:

* can be used for advertising
* can access a different demographic groups
* can keep costs of entertainment down in some instances
* can be used for virtual therapy
* Can help progress the e-commerce of various companies
* Can use virtual software to build something virtually that does not exist in real life
* The virtual experience of everything so you may practice newer things beforehand without the risk of failing or not succeeding

Disadvantages of virtual worlds are:

* the lack of social interaction in real life
* lack of physical activity
* lack of a real life experience
* Complexity
* Costly to set up and maintain

An example of a virtual world is the game "Second Life". Although "Second Life" provides a quality representation of real life, it will never be the same, as the graphics of a computer will never be as powerful as your eyes; the sound from the speakers will never be as good as your own ears; and the touch of your mouse will never be the same as experiencing it for yourself. This lack of the real experience ensures that the real experience will always be better. However, virtual worlds can be used as a substitute when the real experience can not be accessed.


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