Interactivity And Involvement Of Participants In Multimedia Systems

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Interactivity And Involvement Of Participants In Multimedia Systems

Post  admin on Tue 20 Jul 2010, 7:43 am

Print offers limited interactivity and involvement with the participants. The use of only text, image and numerical data makes it hard for readers to maintain concentration. The only way users are involved or interact are through mazes, crosswords, odd one outs, and so forth. However the informational value of those are not high. Thus users barely interact with printed media. Sometimes they may even be met by walls of text, making them even less attracted to read the information. Participants only read and analyse, they cannot do anything else besides that to printed forms, unless it is for entertainment purposes.

(shown right) A "wall of text" - an example of the loss of interactivity and involvement of participants for print

Multimedia on the other hand is extremely easy to interact and involve the participants. The use of hypermedia makes users ‘explore’ concepts and ideas and choose to learn about what they are most interested in, as well as the use of Virtual Realities and Simulations which also involve the participants higher than that of print. Video and audio data makes information less hard to receive, thus increasing the concentration span of the participant. It also presents the information in different forms increasing retention rate and interest.


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