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Authority Of Document

Post  admin on Tue 20 Jul 2010, 7:44 am

Authority of document refers to the copyright and data integrity. Copyright is the ownership of intellectual property. It protects the ideas and breakthroughs of people through patents to stop companies stealing other people’s intellectual property to use for easy profits. This allows people to earn a living off their research and other intellectual pursuits. Data integrity refers the reliability of data as factual, current and relevant. The source of data must be reliable and named for the document to be valid.

In the case of paper compared to electronic documents in multimedia, there are many different issues. In paper documents before they are published they are checked by editors and publishers. They check that the data is the writers own work in relation to copyright laws and they check the integrity of the data to make sure that the data about the author is correct as well as the information that it provides.

In electronic documents, there is usually no process of editors and publishers checking the data for copyright or data integrity infringements. The data could be incorrect and the name of the source could be left out of the document or is left out completely. Therefore the authority a multimedia presentation holds compared to a printed document is often far less.


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